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The Ficohsa Foundation is a non-profit organization that is uninterestedly engaged in contributing to the betterment of the Central American region’s education of children, supporting in an integral and sustainable way pre-basic education of children between 3 and 6 years of age, through an increase on coverage, quality and educative innovation.

It was created in the year 1998 with the aim of supporting the education of boys and girls of limited resources that live in Honduras’s more vulnerable zones.

Through the “Educating Our Future” project, the Ficohsa Foundation has built or rehabilitated pre-basic centers located in 19 cities around the country, benefiting more than 130,000 kids so far.

Ficohsa Foundation promotes an education model of participation and integration.

The Education model that propels the foundation is participative and of integration to allow that the community, educational authorities, fathers and mothers of families, teachers and volunteers, participate in the forming process of the little ones and thus cover every one of the necessary aspects.

Already many children have gained benefit thanks to the Ficohsa Foundation’s contribution, with an education of quality that drives the future of the small ones, as they enter their next education cycle in a successful manner.

But this formation also contributes that teachers and volunteers receive specialized training, which allows them to reach a 99% average attendance in the classrooms.

Pioneer of technology integration in preschools

As educational innovation promoters, the Ficohsa Foundation is pioneer of technology’s integration in preschools, setting up computers, as much as the social education integration in this early age.

This institution undoubtedly shows once again its interest in improving the education’s quality and its work in favor of the social development of the more vulnerable populations.

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