Ficohsa Financial Group

The Ficohsa Financial Group, under the “Green Honduras Project” initiative fosters the love and care for nature, again boosting the reforestation of the important “La Tigra” National Park, first protected area of the country, through the delivery of more than 100 thousand seeds of three different species of trees.

These seeds are used to create a nursery to generate trees that will be planted in the critical areas of the capital city lung in the future. This measure reaffirms the commitment of its fight for preserving the environment, as to also support the protection of Honduras’ natural resources.

Ficohsa Financial Group love for nature

The initiative links to sustainable development objectives of the sustainability model of the Ficohsa Financial Group, which is promoted to mitigate the climate change impact and fight against the deforestation that affects this important green area.

The “La Tigra” National Park has a strategic importance, because besides its natural beautiful vegetation of a tropical cloud forest, it also provides according to some sources more than 30% of the water needs of the capital city and a 100% to the nearby communities.

This important cause is also pursuing to instill in people the care for natural spaces that are of utmost importance for a healthy life, not only in Honduras but in the entire planet.